Lectora Templates

Professional looking courses every time

Using Lectora templates from Traineasy helps to ensure that every course module produced is consistent in terms of look, feel and functionality.

The process of creating a template starts with your design and brand requirements. Our graphic designers will produce a design to include all of the functionality needed, such as assessment section, embedded interactive exercise templates, progress bar, breadcrumb trail, page numbering and more. When you’ve approved the design, we’ll create your template in Lectora for you to use and reuse as often as you like.

Why choose a Lectora Template?

  • Start creating professional-standard courses very quickly
  • Speed up the rate of in-house e-learning production
  • Increase learner engagement
  • Decrease user frustration, and increase desire to learn more
  • Reinforce the messages conveyed by your organisation’s branding

Ready to find out more about Lectora templates? Get in touch to see how we can help deliver your learning development programme.