Lectora templates lock down the design of your in-house produced Lectora courses. They ensure that – no matter who has added content and published a course – every module produced is consistent in terms of look, feel and functionality.

Lectora templates save you time and money. They:

  • Allow you to start creating professional-standard courses very quickly
  • Speed up the rate of in-house e-learning production
  • Dramatically reduce the possibility of your in-house produced e-learning courses not working correctly
  • Increase the likelihood of your users engaging with – and therefore learning from – your in-house produced e-learning
  • Decrease user frustration, and increase their desire to take up e-learning
  • Reinforce the messages conveyed by your organisation’s branding

Customers are often amazed at the difference a professionally designed template makes. Your corporate style is elegantly represented, courses look and feel contemporary, effortless to navigate around. They really do seem to have something of a je ne c’est quoi.

The process of creating a template starts with us taking a brief from you. One of our graphic designers then mocks up a design to include all of the functionality needed, such as assessment section, embedded interactive exercise templates, progress bar, breadcrumb trail, page numbering and so on.

When you’re completely happy, we create your template in Lectora and, after testing, it’s all yours to be used and reused an infinite number of times.

For more information about Lectora templates, please email enquiries@traineasy.com or phone us on 01908 508777.