Lectora Mobile – Simple and Secure m‑Learning

With our powerful mobile learning solution, you’ll easily deliver and track secure, SCORM‑compliant m‑Learning content—even offline.

Secure Delivery
Lectora Mobile exceeds all known security requirements in the industry (over-the-air, in-the-cloud, single sign-on security and double encryption), so your learners can safely use their own preferred device.
Seamless Integration
Lectora Mobile works with Lectora authoring tools, CourseMill LMS and other learning management systems.
Native Mobile Application
Even without a web connection, your learners can always access their mobile learning content, and Lectora Mobile will track their progress along the way.
SCORM-Compliant Tracking
Track courses, surveys and assessments with SCORM, and get full reporting on usage, access and completion status.
Fingertip Knowledge
Provide a truly interactive mobile experience with gesture-based design, catalogue search, customised organisation, content bookmarking, action-based alerts and local language capabilities in Lectora Mobile.
Use engaging multimedia technologies in your content including HTML5, audio, video, interactive scenarios, assessments and quizzes.

Native Application Available for All Major Smartphones:

  • Apple iPhones and iPods (iOS v5.1, v6 and v7)
  • Android (v2.2 and above)

Native Application Available for All Major Tablets:

  • Apple iPad and iPad Mini (iOS v5.1, v6 and v7)
  • Android Tablets (v2.2 and above)

Accepted Content Types

In addition to SCORM 1.2 and Web-based content published with Lectora authoring tools, the Lectora Mobile app supports delivery and tracking (completion/viewership) of the following types of content:

  • Non-Flash Web-based content packages (for example HTML-published Lectora titles)
  • Non-Flash SCORM 1.2 e-Learning content packages
  • MP4 Video
  • MP3 Audio
  • PDF Documents
  • ePUB 1s and 2s

Lectora Mobile Application Distribution

Mobile content consumers can access Lectora Mobile applications in any of the following public app stores: Apple’s iTunes App Store, Google Play, RIM’s App World and Microsoft’s Marketplace. Once downloaded, employee mobile content consumers can activate Lectora Mobile with their individual security credentials. Organisations can also use in-house Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems to distribute Lectora Mobile applications.