Bespoke e-Learning

The quality of our bespoke e-learning is exceptional while its cost remains surprisingly affordable.

This is because we believe that great e-learning is the product of great design stemming from an understanding of the subject matter, audience and organisational culture, not at all necessarily from a large budget. Yes, our tal­ented design­ers are experts in their field but before the design stage even begins, we work closely with you to under­stand­ the required learn­ing out­comes as well as the busi­ness dri­vers behind the project.

We also offer a choice of three pro­duc­tion lev­els: stan­dard (level 1), enhanced (level 2) and premier (level 3) – so you have greater control over your bespoke e-learning project budget and outcomes. This approach, together with our rig­or­ous pro­duc­tion and project method­olo­gies ensures both the con­sis­tency, excel­lent qual­ity and return on investment of our bespoke e-learning.

Over the years we have cre­ated hun­dreds of bespoke e-learning courses on sub­jects rang­ing from Code of Conduct, to Information Security, to the commercially available Car­toon­ing Skills for Train­ers.

For more information and to discuss your bespoke e-learning project, contact or call us on 01908 508777.