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Lectora® Version 11.1

Lectora® Version 11.1 is now available!

This free update, just weeks after the V11 release, offers new features and enhancements to help you create great e-Learning content even faster and easier:

  • *Flypaper Pro 3.9:
    Use the latest, full version of Flypaper to create and share interactive Flash content.
  • Thumbnail View:
    Quickly locate, reorder, rename, copy, paste, delete and manage pages in your course using the Thumbnail View.
  • Actions:
    These improved actions help you dynamically show and hide objects, change contents of text blocks and images, submit tests, surveys and forms, move and resize objects, communicate with Flash animations, navigate to Web addresses, play, pause and stop media, open pop-up windows, display textual alerts, change character poses and more.
  • Touch Screen Triggers:
    Trigger any action when your learner swipes left or right on touch screen devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Keyboard and Configurable Shortcuts:
    Use the Tab key to quickly navigate between options on object properties ribbons.

*Included in Lectora Inspire

Download these new features now! Lectora Version 11.1 is a FREE upgrade for those current on maintenance. If you are not current on maintenance, please contact lectora@traineasy.com or phone the team on 01908 508777 now!